These were sent to me as part of a very generous package of seeds and seasonings from PhishIsMyChurch in 2022. The seeds listed here are directly from Phish's seed stock. The Marconi pepper is a sweet, heatless c. Annuum cultivar originally cultivated in Italy, named after the Italian grower Guglielmo Marconi. Marconi peppers are recognisable by their elongated and tapered shape. They typically grow to a size of 6 to 8 inches in length and have a smooth, glossy skin that is a vibrant red. The peppers' walls are thick, making them an ideal choice for stuffing due to their roomy interior. What sets the Marconi pepper apart is its delightfully sweet flavour. Unlike spicy chili peppers, Marconi peppers are prized for their mild, almost fruity taste. They are characterized by a crisp and succulent texture, with a subtle sweetness that is sometimes compared to bell peppers but with a slightly richer, more complex flavour.

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In stock: 6

Isolation type: Open Pollinated

Year grown: 2022

Vendor: PhishIsMyChurch

Heritage: Heirloom

Estimated heat level (SHU): 0

Flavour profile: Sweet, Fruity, Bell Pepper

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